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The Arrogance of Intelligence Culture: Animal Rights and Emotions

October 29, 2014

My youngest son wrote this and I’m proud to reblog it.

Adrain on Society

I am wary of making assumptions about what animals know, feel and understand, as each of our past assumptions are refuted, like the steady dripping of a leaky tap, with every day that passes. I am used to the arguments that livestock accept their lot in life because they lack the intelligence to object. I say we know next to nothing about cows, thus far too little to make that assumption; people are greatly more interested in the study of dogs and cats, horses and wild birds – animals, in short, we do not eat. Few think to examine the behaviour of livestock, perhaps thinking these animals boring. They are only observed in relation to improving the efficiency of animal agriculture.

If you cannot observe inside the mind of species, you must consider that its reasons for action or inaction may be more complex than you give credit for. We…

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