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Being true to ourselves

October 21, 2014

I am vegan because of my Unitarian philosophy – that we must have compassion on all beings and remember that our world is one world, we are all connected, and that what touches one, affects all. My ethics do not allow me, any longer, to support systems that treat sentient beings like a resources for human use. I believe in the rights of all creatures to live their lives to the full, in freedom, until death claims them, and that it is immoral for beings like humans, who can do so much better, to deprive any other of life or freedom.

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Selma and Hope Selma and Hope @ Willowite Animal Sanctuary Copyright Pete Crosbie

We all like to think of ourselves as ethical, as animal lovers, as caring, decent, moral individuals. I bet if you think about it you can recall conversations where you have said, ‘I love animals’, ‘I can’t bear cruelty to animals’, even perhaps, ‘I’m not vegetarian/vegan but animals should be treated humanely’. I’ve certainly seen and heard such statements almost daily.

I’m not asking questions, and I’m not looking for feedback. Only you will know if this rings true and I hope that you may read on.

The first thing we all need to face is that saying a thing does not make it so. The word ‘humane’ has no role to play in any context where one sentient species is exploiting all others simply because they are vulnerable and cannot prevent our ‘might makes right’ atrocities.

If we were to say, ‘I…

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