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Chickens Are Not Dumb

October 20, 2014

The birds who we enslave in egg laying facilities, descended from the wild Jungle Fowl from Asia, are not stupid. To call someone a ‘bird brain’ is intended as an insult, but all this does is show humans up for the ignorant speciesists most of them are. Read this:

Every time you buy a box of eggs, you are giving your ‘ok’ to relentless exploitation, over crowding, birds being trampled to death by their fellows in so called ‘free range’ facilities, de-beaking, the slaughter of male chicks in many inhumane ways, a complete denial of everything that makes being a hen worthwhile. You are supporting something truly and unbearably inhumane. Your money is funding it. I want to ask everyone who buys eggs why they are still doing it. There is ample information now about the dreadful stuff that goes on in the egg industry. Read some  here:

Chickens are not dumb. And even if they were, is stupidity a reason to exploit, abuse and kill someone? How does that work morally? What about mentally disabled children? The excuse of an animal being ‘too stupid to understand anything anyway so what does it matter what happens to them’ is absolute, unethical garbage.


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  1. Reblogged this on Mercy for all Animals and commented:
    The awful truth is now widely known and if you haven’t yet heard how cruel the egg industry really is…please read on. The compassion in your heart will surely compel you to give up eggs!

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