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Our companion animals and our double standards

October 19, 2014

There's an Elephant in the Room blog

Pip warm

There’s a good chance you have cats, dogs or other companion animals and consider that you are an animal lover. Would you consider it fair to lump companions all together into groups labelled ‘cats’ or ‘dogs’ and think of them as all being the same? I very much doubt if you would.

I have four cats. One is deaf and she’s feisty and brave, she sleeps very deeply and she snores. She likes playing in the sink and lies on her back under radiators.
One is a chatterbox, shy, pretty, a bit skittish, needs her self confidence boosted every day. She pretends not to like cuddles but sneaks under our covers during the night.
One is a big strong boy with a feeble little meow; at heart he’s a baby and loves snuggles. He follows me about like a puppy and drinks from the bath taps.
One is a long term guest whose…

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