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Prove it, or else: Unpopular views and the onus of evidence

October 14, 2014

Adrain on Society

One thing you’ll notice if you happen to hold an unpopular political view, is that other people who don’t share it will insist that the onus is on you to provide evidence. Despite the fact that I, not being a scientist or researcher, try my best to make hypothetical points and observations that anyone could reasonably make, it is always held that I must “prove” what I’m saying is true.

But you see, I’m not the one with the strong views. Not really. I’m only suggesting the possibility that there might be other ways of doing things. It is other people that respond with a firmness that suggests they have a God himself on their side. If I turn the tables, and ask these people to prove me wrong, they instantly puff up as though I’m questioning established general knowledge, or common sense itself.

The problem with general knowledge is…

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