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Cruelty free?

October 14, 2014

Absolutely right – there is no kind way to do the wrong thing.

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Victims of the dairy industry waiting to die Victims of the dairy industry waiting to die

‘Cruelty’ is behaviour which causes physical or mental harm to another.

The word ‘cruelty’ is one of the most overused words amongst those who claim to have concern for animals. How often we hear the words, ‘I don’t believe in cruelty to animals’?  It is mentioned in thousands of posts and articles, with no clear definition and a myriad meanings and interpretations. There are uncounted times when it is sickeningly appropriate, but many more times when it is just an empty, meaningless sound.

How can it be meaningless, you may ask?

Well, consider why we so often see it used to apply to beings that are destined to be eaten and enslaved by humans? When a being has been brought into the world expressly to be used as a resource, a commodity, and is destined to be eaten or enslaved there is no ‘cruelty free’ alternative.  Every…

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