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Speciesism – changing the dialogue

September 30, 2014

I hate the way everyone seems to start from the basis that other animals are just inferior to us. With that idea comes in all the permissions we grant ourselves to do whatever we like to them, for human benefit, or perceived human benefit, just because, we all know, of course, that they are ‘just’ animals and so much less important as life forms on planet earth than we are. Wherever we got this disrespectful idea, however we formed it, it is wrong and deeply offensive. I cannot look into the eyes of any other mammal and not see that this being is so much more than ever I will comprehend, and have reflected back to me the arrogance of humanity’s assumptions. What we routinely do to other animals, in our belief that they are ‘less than’, makes me ashamed to be a member of the homo sapiens species. In so many ways, as a vegan, I feel that I have become a different sub species, my mindset is so different to the mainstream.

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Scandals and horror

We have all seen the frequent and sensationalist press releases about the contamination of various substances derived from the bodies of nonhumans. Examples range from the devastating results of routine antibiotic use and the impact that subsequent resistance is having on human consumers, fecal contamination of flesh ‘products’, the number of pus cells permitted by statute per given quantity of nonhuman breast milk. And who can forget the sensationalist headlines that occur when we are unexpectedly faced with the wrong species of corpse; horse corpses when we expected pig corpses in our burgers; the last earthly remains of a dog when we thought we were thought we were eating the last earthly remains of a cow; the fur of a flayed-alive cat when we thought we were flaunting the fur of a flayed mink? The list is endless.

Should advocates be eagerly weighing in to use these instances to press and publicise their cause? Do they help…

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