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The walking dead

September 26, 2014

Every time I look in my mother’s fridge and see a bottle of milk I see the slave animals from whom it was stolen and who grieve for their lost newborns, the dead calves that paid the price for the availability of dairy and the young heifers who will never suckle from their own mothers. And tears come to my eyes. Why do we do this? Plant milks are delicious and so easy to use instead. We have non dairy spread, soya or coconut yogurts, vegan cheeses, vegan ice cream, soya custard, non dairy chocolate. We go without nothing that is of any importance and gain so much spiritually, to take these simple, kind actions. Eggs, meat, dairy and fish – they are all unnecessary exploitation and abuse of others.

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Every day I pass scenes like these. I used to smile foolishly at the sight, thinking an image like this was beautiful and that it was the essence of what country life represented.

Now I can scarcely bear to look at these gentle, innocent beings because I now realise that this bucolic scene masks a sinister reality. Each of these nonhuman individuals has been brought into this world as a commodity; they are viewed as resources to indulge a species that is hell bent on destruction; the destruction annually of uncounted billions of other sentient beings and the destruction of the planet we all share.

Their terrifying deaths are already planned, the time scales already scheduled when their mothers were forcibly impregnated. These are, in fact, the walking dead.

Their sweet beauty will end very soon in the gore and stench of a slaughterhouse, their screams and whimpers unheard behind closed…

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