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Eggs and dairy – telling the truth

September 22, 2014

Eggs and dairy – telling the truth.


I dedicate this blog to all the male chicks who have been innocent, hapless casualties of the horrific egg industry, all the hens worn out by relentless egg laying,  all the male calves chucked out as unprofitable rubbish by the dairy industry ,all the heifers removed at a few hours old from the mothers they need and cry for and all the cows who bellow in vain for their stolen calves – just so that humans can have ice cream and custard, milk in their tea, yogurt on their muesli and cream on their scones, fried eggs for breakfast, sponge cakes and quiche.

I weep for you all,  all you who suffer and die on the altar of human selfishness and appetite.

I long for a vegan world where all this will cease.


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