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Knock knock

September 5, 2014

Echoes my own thoughts perfectly.

There's an Elephant in the Room blog


There’s a ‘joke’ going round that goes like this:

How do you know when someone is vegan?
Don’t worry, they’ll soon tell you!

It always gets a laugh from nonvegans. Yesterday, it was recited to me by someone who had to raise their own laugh. I have heard it so often, I scarcely react, but once again it occurred to me just how carefully we vegans tread in this nonvegan world. We navigate our cautious way through the sea of blue touchpapers that one simply has to brush lightly against to uncover hostile justification of humanity’s most sickening atrocities.

Walking softly

Do we tread so carefully because our cause lacks truth or because we lack conviction? No, in fact I believe the reverse is true. Most vegans are utterly honest, having started by facing the lies they were fed from the cradle, having challenged their entire philosophy of life, having admitted…

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