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Am I an abolitionist? ‘Numbness’ Vs ‘Enlightenment’

September 3, 2014

So similar in lots of ways to me, but you were an enlightened child. In the 1960s when I grew up nobody would have known what to do with a vegetarian child – I didn’t even realise it was an option, even if I HAD had the courage to question what my Mum served us at dinner. Inspiring journey , and encouragement to everyone who struggles with these issues.

The Unimaginative Vegan

I’ve been wondering recently about the debate between the abolitionist approach and the animal welfare approaches to improving the plight of animals; do I believe that morally the issue is about the way animals are treated in farms before they are slaughtered or am I opposed to ANY form use and ownership of animals by humans? I think that this essay I wrote a few weeks ago to summarise my transition to veganism answers the question;

“One of the questions asked during a recent ‘Our Hen House’ podcast


had a profound effect on me. The question was about why people who clearly do really care about animals do not take the obvious step of becoming vegan.

This is a question I have been struggling with for a few months (most of this year in fact), principally because it applies so much to myself.

Recently I have been feeling pretty ashamed…

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