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The winds of change

September 1, 2014

I am reblogging this because I wish to highlight what a profound effect belonging to New Unity has had on my life. The teaching there brought me to the place where I could hear the message of veganism. My heart was opened to Compassion in that place called New Unity, and in came all the other animals, demanding that I notice them. I was ready to see and hear them all.


There has been a great deal of wind in the UK in recent months. It seems that every day there is wind. Sometimes a very strong and destructive one. I wonder how the birds are coping. There is not much sign of nestbuilding. Rough winds do shake the darliing buds of everything and there are few Spring flowers in evidence. I missed the cherry blossom this year, sparse and late, and the days so grey there was little incentive to go out and enjoy Nature. Climate change reflected in the blowing of the wind.

There has been a great wind in my spiritual life also. One of the images for the holy spirit of God in the bible, is ‘wind’. The spirit blows where it will, it says. That always means, to me, that we can have no control of it, and cannot say that, because, for instance, a person…

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