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Are you a Meat Eater?

September 1, 2014


The link above is to an amusing video. And remember, it’s not just meat, it’s dairy and eggs too, and fish who also feel pain, and eating all of them harms them and the environment and our own health.

I have a non vegan family. They all chomp through a vast amount of dead flesh, eggs and cheese. It’s their normal diet. Some of them wouldn’t claim to be animal lovers and most of them probably haven’t a clue about the impact of any of their choices on the planet – many are shopaholics and wouldn’t dream of trying to shop ethically. Fair trade? Far too expensive. Not use Primark? Unthinkable, it’s cheap. Not go to MacDonald’s , not buy the cheapest, factory farmed meat they can find in Tesco? What planet am I on?

That box of 15 eggs you can get for a knock down value price, who cares if they are from caged hens, they are just dumb old birds, right, and what matters is that there is money left over after the weekly shop to go to MacDonalds or buy the latest gadget and take a trip to Thorpe Park for the day. Fill the car with bargain petrol, get doughnuts and ice cream, and a film to watch from the rental shop. 40.000 children a day dying of hunger? Such a shame,but what can they do except chuck some coins at Oxfam when they feel like it, it’s not their fault, is it? Moot point, that, actually, dear cousins, nieces, brothers, mother.

That cheese? What could possibly be cruel about cheese, it’s just from milk, right, and cows get milked twice a day and cheese comes to us. It’s great on pizzas and toast. Who would give up cheese because some calves got killed? Really, why would I care about something like that, life is too short for all this ‘worry’ – get a life  Auntie/ Daughter/ Cousin/Sister – you take stuff way too seriously.

The dogs, the cats, the guinea pigs, the donkeys in the sanctuary, the poor little ones in Battersea, we love them, take care of them,lavish attention on them, send money to alleviate their suffering, but let’s not think about the little lamb who will be in slices in gravy on our dinner plates, the pigs chopped up in our sausages, the slices of ‘bacon’ that are from a pig’s back,the dismembered limbs of chickens we will gnaw through, the egg that is a symbol of relentless exploitation, the cheese that is calf’s blood and cow’s tears, oh no, we can’t afford to see these animals for who they are, in case it puts us off our food, and we just cannot have that now, can we?

We weep over the abuse of dogs and stuff our freezers with the butchered remains of other animals who feel pain and suffer just as acutely as any canine. I am not normal to be bothered by any of this.

I am so very proud to be not normal. I feel blessed to have seen the truth and taken it to heart and changed. I am amazed at myself. If someone like me,brought up like everyone else, to normalise the brutal killing of other animals and eat them, can come to understand that this is wrong, and always has been, and can change my habits to kinder ones, so can everyone else. I am 60 and have been vegan for just 22 months. I cannot change my past, I am not proud of it, but it is never too late to change track.

There is no reason on earth for anyone else to not do what I have done. With all the food choices available now, all the recipes, all the books, all the help, it is easy. The only thing stopping most people is their own will. And so I move among wilful, unrepentant killers every day of my life. This is not a happy making thought….


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