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A Minister’s Words

September 1, 2014

On Sunday 17 August, Andy Pakula, minister at New Unity Unitarian Church gave this message from the pulpit:

It is so very rare to hear anything like this in any church. In a Christian church it would be even more unusual than in a Unitarian one. But why should this be? Why are Christians so much less compassionate to other animals than Unitarians?

I am so tired of hearing ‘God gave us the animals to eat”. It sounds completely lacking in compassion to other sentient beings and it is certainly lacking in compassion or even basic consideration for me, the vegan being offered this garbage as some sort of justification for murder and enslavement.

God made the world as some playground for human amusement, did He, and anything goes?

Thank the God I don’t really believe in that there are some enlightened spiritual people who are prepared to ask the important questions, meet the challenges, take the risks, walk the less travelled, uncomfortable path,

I do not expect everyone to go vegan overnight, I do not require anything of anyone but an honest look into their own hearts and a willingness to make changes in their lifestyle, for the greater good of us all.

I have become vegan because it seems to me the absolute best I can offer to the world. It is the ultimate path of compassion and I have yet to discover any convincing argument against it.

Well done to Andy P for raising what remains a thorny issue,  from his pulpit on a Sunday. Few Christian ministers would have such courage or compassion.


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