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Is veganism ‘extremist’?

August 19, 2014

Perfectly expressed and spot on. Extremely happy with this blog!

There's an Elephant in the Room blog

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‘Vegans turn people off with their extremist messages’ – if only I had a pound for every time I have seen this written or heard it said, I could start a sanctuary…


Extremist –  NOUN chiefly DEROGATORY

A person who holds extreme political or religious views, especially one who advocates illegal, violent, or other extreme action:

right-wing extremists

[AS MODIFIER]: extremist groups

Having looked at every dictionary definition I can find, I can find no clue as to why those who advocate the cessation of unjustifiable violence to other beings should be accused of extremism. In fact the quoted definition quite specifically states the opposite, defining extremism as advocating violence. And yet the accusation is made, time and again, and frequently in response to articles, blogs or conversations that are completely lacking in violence, politics, religion or references to law.

Those vegans who choose to stand up for our fellow beings…

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