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10 reasons why it’s not “cruel” to raise your child vegan

August 1, 2014

From my wonderful, youngest son.

Adrain on Society

*I hearby acknowledge that this post is applicable only to fairly well-off people living in developed countries.

1) We systematically lie to children throughout their entire lives, sometimes explicitly, sometimes passively. We do not inform children that they are eating dead animals – we let them acclimatise to the normality of it before finding out for themselves. Thus, we train them not to question their food or read labels. They don’t understand or care about nutrition because food is food, you eat what you’re told to eat, you eat what you’re sold. Then we wonder why we’re so unhealthy and find it hard to break unhealthy habits.

2) We assume children don’t want to be vegan before we know them as people, because we assume they will naturally be just like us (forgetting that what we are is socially constructed). Then if they express a different preference, we wave it…

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