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Spare the horses, kill the cattle

July 21, 2014

This is something my son, Adrian, wrote after Marius the giraffe was slaughtered in Copenhagen Zoo. The staggering lack of logic at the outrage over this and the complete indifference to what happens daily to other animals in the agriculture sector is mind boggling. All killing is wrong, not simply the killing of some animals we happen to like, for no reason except some arbitrary decision based on what appeals to us.

Adrain on Society

Let us take a moment to compose an epitaph for Marias the giraffe.

Oh Marias, though I barely knew you, I am sorry that you become meat for lions. Much as I don’t have any moral feeling about giraffe incest and I see that your death was unfair, you should know that your carcass filled the belly of an animal that has no choice but to eat meat. Had you been living in the wild, you may or may not have been caught and eaten in much the same way. I hope, and believe, your suffering was lesser than that of the millions upon millions of livestock animals that are kept and consumed worldwide each day. Since you are technically a Danish national, I won’t be saying anything about the Evil Danish and Their Practises.

Now that that’s over, let’s take a moment to talk about the Evil Danish and…

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