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Still Learning

July 14, 2014

I am still a bit of a twit at this blogging. I can write – that’s not the problem. I can write on and on forever and a day with hardly a pause in the fingers flying over the keys or the pen across the page. Yes, I still write ‘properly’  on paper with a pen, especially when I am outside in my chair in the garden where the internet doesn’t get a signal and where I have to rely on battery power which is bound to run out before I’ve finished and where the sun on a screen makes it hard to read.

But I can’t figure out how to do tags and categories properly so people can accidentally stumble across my blog amongst all the millions there are out there! I keep adding various words randomly to my list and sort of hoping that the internet does something with them, but quite honestly I do feel a bit like someone with partial sight stumbling along a dark alley!

So, if despite my stupid technotwittiness you have found me, other than by my tweets or facebook shares, you are something of a novelty and a miracle as a visitor to this site! Welcome!

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