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A New Laptop

July 7, 2014

I have a Chrome Book. It is one of my sixtieth birthday presents and it has enabled me to, at last, get back onto my own blog! I have been unable to access it for ages now, due to being unable to reset my password satisfactorily on my old laptop, So frustrating to be locked out of your own blog and to be endlessly told that your password and username don’t match! 

I’ve become vegan since I last wrote anything here, and that’s 19 months ago now! My  youngest son has also had his top surgery for gender realignment and my older two boys no longer live in the family home. I also have a pet hamster.

I am loving this new Chrome book, it seems to be idiot proof, and I am a prize idiot with technology. I cannot believe how easy it has been to learn how to use this and that I’m back in my blog again. I don’t write as well as Adrian does, he is training to be a journalist and writes intelligent articles whereas I just talk off the top of my head and waffle and ramble and just let my fingers do the walking! I also post completely random and often silly stuff! I like to write what I think.

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