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September 3, 2012

It might sound strange to many, but I love spending all day at my ‘church’. I put the word in quotes because New Unity isn’t like any other church I’ve ever belonged to; for starters it has an atheist minister. It’s Unitarian. I love the company of the members of this community, so hanging out with them all day discussing interesting topics and taking part in various workshops is very enjoyable. This place is special, though. I know of nowhere quite like it.

The Unitarian way is a radically inclusive faith that:-

– values action over belief

-trusts in human worth and dignity

-draws wisdom from many sources

-values doubt and questioning

-affirms the profound interconnection of all life

-welcomes difference as a catalyst of human growth

-aims to help create a more just and loving world community

-believes in the power of love and acceptance in community

I’ve been an attender at this ‘church’ for about 16 months and a full member about 8. Since April this year we have been having these ‘all day’ events which begin with the morning service at our chapel in Newington Green, North London, and end with a cheese and wine supper after the evening service at our other building on Upper Street in Islington.

These ‘days’ are like mini conferences and are a wonderful opportunity to have some quality time with other members of the community exploring many issues, hearing talks on a variety of topics and taking part in discussions and workshops. Anyone is welcome to come along, whether they come to services or not, and it’s all free. They happen on the first Sunday of every month and I really look forward to them.

Maybe I’m strange, but I love my ‘church’. I don’t go there to worship God, I don’t think i believe God exists, but I go to be inspired to live more kindly and compassionatley in the world, I go to be challenged, I go to connect with others who value the ‘spiritual journey’, I go to reflect on the deeper things of life, I go because I feel loved for who I am there, not judged, not expected to believe some creed in order to belong, not asked to accept something i consider ‘nonsense’ as if it were some absolute ‘truth’. It is a ‘church’ that gives me mind space to grow inwardly and become more fully who I am. Truly I feel blessed to belong there.

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