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Mother Earth – the most abused mother in the world.

March 18, 2012

It is Mother’s Day. Birds are singing and the cherry trees are in blossom. My 3 sons will cook dinner for me later, 3 courses. A feast.

All the good things they will cook for me have been provided by Mother Earth. The waters abound with fish and the land with all manner of growing plants. The sun provides the energy that powers it all.

I think of how we abuse this planet and inwardly weep.

Our demands just grow. Self restraint is not something anyone considers necessary, yet already our consumption of resources is so great that we are living on the edge of a precipice. How long can our poor Mother go on sustaining us in our greed?

If we are made in God’s image, what does that tell us? That God is a wastrel who plunders resources without a moment’s thought for the consequences?

‘The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof’. You would not think so to look at the Church. People there do not act as if they believed that the earth is the Lord’s. they act like it is their’s, to do as they please with, driving to church each Sunday, heating and lighting buildings that are half empty, having no recycling or composting facilities on the premises.

We poison the seas, overfish, pollute the soil and air, create mountains of rubbish, destroy habitats for other creatures and recklessly consume vastly more than we need, greedy, insatiable children, blind to our foolishness.

Mother Earth I bow my head in shame for all of us, this day, when we celebrate motherhood.


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