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A Nice Cup of Tea

August 8, 2011

There’s nowt like a good cuppa tea was one of Postman Pat’s regular sayings. I’ve thought that all my life. I was weaned on the stuff! Tea was the comfort drink in my childhood home, associated with being cosy and safe at home with mum. Best when the rain was lashing at the windows, and perfect with biscuits dunked in it.

My parents would drink 2 cups each whenever they made a pot, which was about every hour or so, and they took 3 sugars! As I grew up they began to reduce the sugar. I stopped taking sugar in mine when I was 14, because my dad always made strong tea which was too sweet, so I reasonned that if I didn’t have any sugar at all, he couldn’t put too much in!

Now I cannot stand sweet tea and just can’t drink it if anyone puts sugar in it.

Tea remains my favourite drink. Even in hot weather, I still find it the most refreshing beverage. I’m not a great lover of cold drinks.

I like a nice cup of tea in the mornings, just to start the day, you see, and around about 11, my idea of heaven, is a nice cup of tea. And any other time too, I might add, and often it’s two cups, not one. I like Assam and Ceylon, Lapsang Suchong, Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Kenyan and any blend such as Red Label or Typhoo, and a lot of the herbal infusions as well.

I like my tea in a mug, because you get a nice big drink of it that way and you can put your hands round it in cold weather. I like to sit and read while sipping tea and a sandwich or toast goes down really well with a mug of tea.

When you buy tea out, it tastes so much better if it comes in a pot. Polystyrene cups give it a weird flavour, though I’m still happy enough to drink it.

People used to go to tea dances once, and it was normal to have high tea, with bread and jam or cucumber sandwiches and cake. I love cream teas – so indulgent!

Everything stops for tea. Work is divided up into chunks between tea breaks. Tea is a treat, a drink that hugs you.

The Japanese once had whole ceremonies around tea.

I like to make mine in a pot, and sometimes I use leaf tea, which I think tastes better than bags, but forgetting to strain it isn’t a good idea…

I don’t like iced tea. For me, it’s a hot drink, and does not work any other way.

There’s nowt like a good cuppa!


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