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a tale of two rabbits

July 28, 2011

I am currently rabbit-sitting for a neighbour who is away for a month. The hutches are in the front garden, so I hope they are fox proof! The doors seem very stiff – even I have trouble opening them, so I don’t think  Reynard and his chums will easily break in.

I don’t know what these 2 rabbits are called, but to me they are Sublime and Ridiculous.

Sublime is a dwarf bunny, and the cutest, most docile little creature – you can’t help cooing over her. She’s Bunny Cuddles for sure.

Ridiculous is a large lop-eared, part Angora, and she is insane. She lunges ferociously at anything that enters the hutch, even a juicy carrot. Those nails on her front feet look pretty fearsome, so leaving any area of exposed skin anywhere near them would be risky.

The idea that this animal is anybody’s “pet” is a tad ridiculous.Even catching her for rabbit pie would take some doing!

Sublime is guinea pig sized, with tiny velvet ears. Very Beatrix Potter – a little frilly dress and apron would suit her. Ridiculous would look -well, ridiculous in such cutesy garb! Rabbits with attitude do not wear frocks and pinnies.

What happened to make R so wild and unpleasant? The image of the soft and gentle doe, she is not. She cannot be petted, so sits all day in her little apartment, glowering at the world, and attacking it  when it intrudes.

Sublime comes out and sits on your lap to be caressed. Her life has some point.

My dictionary describes rabbits as ‘gregarious burrowing leporid mammals’.

Living in solitary is not normal for rabbits, so maybe Ridiculous has become grouchy through having no companions. Sublime seems sublimely unperturbed by this, however. Her nature is not warped.

No doubt any rabbit intended for a companion for Miss Grouch would be lunged at now anyway – she never looks before she leaps. Her game plan for life is attack first, then see what it was. Just in case it’s dangerous. Oh, it’s only a carrot! That’s ok then.

Poor girl – she is ridiculously afraid of life, whereas Sublime hops blithely through it. If Ridiculous escaped, she might survive – feisty and wary, always on the alert for danger, primed to attack. Little Sublime would be dinner for the first fox, an easy meal.

My dictionary says that a pet is ‘a tame animal kept in a household for companionship, amusement etc’ Well, I suppose Ridiculous is a bit amusing and entertaining, lunging at food dishes and handfuls of grass. I greet her daily with ” Hello you daft creature, here comes some scary food!” The beady brown eyes glare at me from under the flopped over ears, weighing up whether to pounce. Invariably she does  – ridiculous animal!

Sublime waits patiently, eats daintily, moves quietly and sits in sleek tranquility while ‘er up a top’ bounds about like a lunatic, seeing who or what she may assault next.

I could have dubbed them Little and Large, but I think the adjectives I have chosen do very nicely. I expect I shall miss them when they go home, even the grouchy madam who never let me touch her fluffy coat.


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